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HFOVIN strive to mitigate psycho-social and physical hardship and hard time to the eradication of the impacts of natural and man-made hazards, to improve regional intervention and response to support the affected Member states affected by disasters. This will include the development of instruments, systems and technical tools to strengthen the displaced vulnerable victims .

Help foundation for victims of insurgency and natural disasters is the foundation of freedom and peace to improve communication and coordination in the field of humanitarian Aids, Emergency crisis, Post crisis reconstruction by cultivating, facilitating collaboration and constructive relationship with the international communities and strategic partners

 Our thematic focus

To remove the destitute and vulnerable people from the streets/cities and establish the destitute and vulnerable centers.


Our important objectives of this projects is to partner with the operationalization of the humanitarian emergency operation, Prioritization focusing intervention, capacity building, mitigation, mobilization, rationalization, resources, monitoring and Evaluation. Help Foundation for victims of insurgency and natural disasters is fostering a critical role in preventing and mitigating sustainable development in the affected communities thus privatize the disruption caused by disasters and man -made hazard and the re source required to address the impacts they suffered from severe deprived, hardship and discrimination. The nations are confronted with the monumental task of ensuring protection for persons forcible uprooted from their homes by violence, conflicts, gross violations of human rights and other traumatic events.


The population of the children in the internally displaced persons camps in the north central state of Nigeria is over 1,000,000 who live below the poverty line, we have identify that there is a need to address the level of unemployed women within the north central state of Nigeria with a vocational training scheme

our goal

To remove the destitute and vulnerable people from the streets/cities and                 establish the destitute and vulnerable

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Account Details: Fidelity Bank Domiciliary A/C No. 5250053223, Nigerian A/C No. 5600180065
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